10 years of innovation

Since 2013, to respond to the French and European market needs, Batteries Prod has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of high quality, environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries since 2013.

Batteries Prod has developed tailor-made, ultra-efficient batteries, with mastered know-how combining technological expertise, rigorous production standards, and continuous improvement.

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High-performance technology

Batteries Prod manufactures all its batteries using the superior technology on the market: NCM lithium-ion. It offers the best compromise between energy density, power, safety, and lifespan.

5x lighter

than a battery
of lead-acid

4x more energy

than other

3000 cycles

and more

95% recyclable

recyclable, no toxic metals

Big production capacity

With continuously optimized manufacturing processes and automated production, Batteries Prod stands out for its ability to produce large volumes. This operational efficiency allows our teams to respond quickly and flexibly to the customer's need, whether in electric mobility, energy storage, industry, the medical sector, drones, or power tools.

Batteries Prod offers a wide choice of standard or custom battery models.

Our robots assemble and weld

1 electric bike battery in 3 minutes

Annual production capacity

100 MWh

+ 10 yearsof experience
250 000batteries manufactured
100 MWhof production capacity
+ de 1200customers trust us

Made in France

Batteries Prod factory is located in Monteux, Vaucluse, and our batteries are labeled "Made in France."

Each battery undergoes rigorous control throughout the manufacturing process and systematic testing before shipment, ensuring the highest quality products.

Batteries Prod is certified ISO 9001, an international certification of quality and customer satisfaction.

Technology Expertise

Lithium-ion Nickel Cobalt Manganese

At Batteries Prod, we constantly control and optimize our manufacturing processes, which allows us to eliminate the risks associated to the handling and using accumulators.

Since 2013, we have provided our expertise to more than 1200 companies in multiple sectors, such as electric mobility, stationary energy storage, industry, drones, tools, and medical. Thanks to this growth, we are able to offer the most efficient batteries on the market while maintaining ultra-competitive prices.

As an expert in this technology, Batteries Prod is a partner of LG Energy Solution, a world leader in the battery sector.

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