Engineering Office

Develop and Produce Your Energy Solutions

With its integrated design office, Batteries Prod is capable of adapting to the specifications of your projects, regardless of your field of activity. We develop customized solutions that meet your technical and budgetary constraints. A project manager will support you in the creation of your prototype. Our team of experts and engineers also handles electronic development, BMS design (hardware, software), safety, and our QSE service ensures your batteries are certified.

Project Management

Project Study

Project Study

  • Definition of your need
  • Technical feasibility study
  • Specifications development
  • Quotation creation
Design / Prototyping

Design / Prototyping

  • 3D simulation of your product
  • Project study and realization
  • Prototype testing and verification
  • Certificate of conformity and regulatory documents edition
  • Safety documents edition
  • Prototype sending for validation


  • Batteries manufacturing after customer's prototype validation
  • Series production through an automated production line
  • Application of lean management method to enhance production performance
Test Phase and Shipping

Test Phase and Shipping

  • All batteries are tested at the end of production
  • A test report is done and sent on request
  • Worldwide delivery complying with national and international regulations

Manufacturing of Custom Lithium-ion Batteries

The entire process of design, development, prototyping, manufacturing, and control of the batteries is carried out in our factory in Monteux. This in-house realization allows us greater control of each stage of your project as well as an optimal quality/price ratio. Our ISO 9001 V15 certification attests our commitment to quality, ensuring the availability of essential regulatory documents for your batteries.

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Battery Management System

The BMS (Battery Management System) ensures optimized management and enhances the safety of the batteries. Our expertise allows us to design BMS and smart electronic boards adapted to the technical specifications of each project (current, voltage, dimensions, and temperature).

Our engineers establish a communication between the BMS and the original system, allowing a precise understanding of battery data such as voltage, current, temperature, number of cycles, SOC (State of Charge), and SOH (State of Health). By establishing cross-communication, the system can be optimally adjust according to the state of the battery, thus aiming to maximize its efficiency. Batteries Prod distinguishes itself by developing innovative, reliable, and secure solutions.

Battery Certification

Our QSE team assists you in obtaining the necessary certifications for your batteries in accordance your sector of activity. The need of a certificate could be to comply a safety standard such as IEC 62133-2:2017, a transport standard like UN38.3, ECE R100 approval, or even IP-rated waterproof tests. Batteries Prod is capable of certifying your prototypes according to your needs.

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Pictogramme rouagesCUSTOMIZED SOLUTION
Pictogramme feuille de travailBATTERY CERTIFICATIONIEC 62133-2:2017, UN38.3, ECE R100
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