Energy Storage Batteries

Manufacturing of batteries for energy storage

Batteries Prod responds to growing energy needs by developing reliable and durable solutions adapted to the specific requirements of stationary energy storage.

Our lithium-ion battery solutions combined with photovoltaic panels enable homes and industrial installations to be self-sufficient in its supply of energy


  • Storage for particulars
  • Storage for professionals
  • Energy rental

The benefits of lithium-ion technology for energy storage

Batteries Prod has selected the best technology on the market, NCM lithium-ion, for the manufacture of all of its batteries. This technology offers excellent performance and effectively responds to the challenges of energy storage. This ensures reliable and durable power supply that support several thousand charge-discharge cycles.

Schéma de batterie pour energy storage}

Power and durability

Lithium-ion batteries have many advantages, including high energy density for very low weight and volume. They also deliver constant power adapted to the needs of stationary energy storage.

Poids légerLightness
Poids légerFast charging
Poids légerHigh energy
Poids légerLong cycle
Poids légerSustainability

Manufacturer of high quality batteries for for energy storage

With mastered know-how, permanent optimization processes, and cutting-edge equipment, Batteries Prod stands out for its ability to produce high-quality batteries in large volumes. This operational efficiency allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to the specific requirements of stationary energy storage.

All manufactured batteries are subject to rigorous control throughout the manufacturing process and systematic testing before shipping, guaranteeing reliable and secure products.

+ 10 yearsof experience
250 000batteries manufactured
100 MWhof production capacity
+ de 1200customers trust us


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