Batteries for the Medical Sector

Manufacturing of batteries for the medical sector

Batteries Prod equips your medical devices powered or backed up by an independent power source and provides high quality, reliable batteries that comply with safety standards. Our team of experts adapts to the technical constraints of each product and optimizes weight and size to ensure the best performance.


  • Medical beds
  • Electronic tools
  • Mobility devices

The advantages of lithium-ion technology for the medical sector

At Batteries Prod, we have selected NCM lithium-ion technology for its reliability and excellent performance in terms of autonomy and power. This technology ensures efficient power by withstanding several charge-discharge cycles.

Schéma de batterie pour the medical sector}

Reliability and durability

Lithium-ion batteries meet the requirements of health devices by ensuring high reliability, a long lifespan, as well as high energy density for very low weight and volume. Their reliability contributes to the efficiency and optimal performance of medical equipment.

Poids légerLightness
Poids légerFast charging
Poids légerHigh energy
Poids légerLong cycle
Poids légerSustainability

Manufacturer of high quality batteries for for the medical sector

Batteries Prod stands out for its ability to produce high quality batteries. Each of our batteries is rigorously tracked and controlled throughout the manufacturing process, then subjected to systematic testing before shipment, thus guaranteeing the safety of its operation and quality.

Safety is at the center of our mission, providing reliable energy supply for the most demanding medical applications. As an ISO 9001 certified company, Batteries Prod is internationally recognized for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

+ 10 yearsof experience
250 000batteries manufactured
100 MWhof production capacity
+ de 1200customers trust us


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